My Story

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My Story

What medium do you like to work in? Why? I am a multi-disciplinary artist. I love working and trying all different types of mediums because I believe it expands my personal creative vocabulary. Anyone that knows me, knows I have a curious soul. One medium teaches me different techniques I can cross over with that I would have never learned had I focused on only one. I find it so inspiring and fun. There is always something new.

Coming from a graphic design background, I learned to appreciate boundaries that exist which physical paintings do not have. What draws me to photography is the fact that there are boundaries within what is in front of the camera, yet there are endless subjects to explore within those boundaries. I am able to capture the essence of what is in front of me and translate it into my own unique voice. To me, lenses are like brushes, and I am able to paint with light to create my artwork.

What draws me to painting is the complete mental freedom you have.

I work with mediums individually first to understand the why and how I can merge them together and interpret my voice in a different language.

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What themes does your art explore?

I like to explore contrasts and complexity. My mind is complex but I like white and black because I like Clarity and balance. With my mind always creating and layered -I seek light, peace and tranquility vibes in my surrounding environment.

If visually there is a lot of stimulus in my environment, my pieces are minimal.

If it is minimal around me, my pieces become more complex.

I enjoy doing both which is why I do pop-up studios all over the world.
What art movement, style has influenced you?

I grew up in the skate, snowboard, graffiti, design scene and the mix of culture has really influenced my style and voice.


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