iiilibervive foundation

We are a problem solving group.

iii liber vibe is a foundation to address the community’s need for more services that support emerging artists and their environment for manufacturing.

The organization started creating pop up galleries in authentic run down buildings; it offered the local community a place to see their real local history turned into art. It was a success and drove designers from all over to visit Delaware, Ohio.

Our founder is a world renowned artist. She traveled the world and has worked with some of the top creatives in the world ranging from award winning architects, to grammy nominated musicians to Emmy award winning videographers.

She believes that to fully understand design, you have to be in it. This is why it started in the midwest, to give more access to high design to the local community.

She wants to spark creativity within someone to go do art, because as an artist art is not only our therapy, it’s our happiness.

What does iii liber vibe mean?

Latin word inspirare-to inspire by breathing life into

Latin wordI llimitata-unlimited

Latin word Ingenuity- creativity

iii liber vibe=to breath life into unlimited creativity for a free life. 



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